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Original Article: JRCRS. 2021; 9(1): 22-26.

5- Functional Performance in School Going Cerebral Palsy Children

M.Fahad Asif 1, Asifa Javaid 2, Shoaib Waqas 3, Hafiz Muhammad Asim4

1 Student, Lahore College of Physical therapy, Lahore Medical &Dental College
2 Lecturer, Lahore College of Physical therapy, Lahore Medical &Dental College.
3Associate Professor,Lahore College of Physical therapy, Lahore Medical &Dental College
4Professor,Lahore College of Physical therapy, Lahore Medical &Dental College

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Background: Cerebral palsy is a group of non-progressive neurodevelopmental disorder of movement and posture due to lesion and anomalies of brain that arise early developmental stages. Activity and participation is a complex interaction of life performances of Cerebral Palsy (CP)  children and their families with their environment. CP children have neuroimpairments and activity restrictions in educational and social environment. Participating in day to day school activities has shown positive influence on mental and developmental skills, social relationship and health.

Objective: To evaluate the functional performance in school going cerebral palsy children.

Methods:  The descriptive case series was conducted on 34 school going spastic cerebral palsy children. The data was collected from Compass Special School and Rising Sun Institution, Lahore of Gross Motor Functional Classification System (GMFCS) level I and II. Ten children were having GMFCS level II and 24 had GMFCS level I. The sampling strategy utilized was non-probability convenience sampling. The duration of study was from August 2018 to January 2019. The Functional performance was assessed using School Functional Assessment (SFA) questionnaire.

Results: The level of school performance in Cerebral Palsy Children of GMFCS I and II indicated that majority of children 64.71% had high performance and 5.88% CP children were independent,26.47% had moderate performance and 2.94% had low performance in school activities.

Conclusion: Majority of school going CP children with GMFCS level I & II have high performance in school tasks.

Key words: Cerebral Palsy, Functional Performance, School Functional Assessment