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About Us

Journal Name: Journal Riphah College of Rehabilitation Sciences (JRCRS)
Journal Abbreviation: JRCRS or J Riphah Coll. Rehabili. sci.
Issues : 2 Per year  [1 issue (Jan-June) 2nd issue (July-Dec)]

Electronic-ISSN: 2410-888X 
Journal Website:                      
Affiliation University website:

Scope of JRCRS:

Journal Riphah College of Rehabilitation Science (JRCRS) is a biannual journal peer-reviewed, open access journal published since 2013 by publisher Faculty of Rehabilitation & Allied health Sciences, Riphah International University. Journal encourages and invites researchers from the Field of of Rehabilitation Sciences: including physical therapy, speech and language pathology, Occupational Therapy, prosthetics & orthotics, and other areas of rehabilitation Sciences. We accept the Articles in the form of Case Reports, Case series, Original Articles: [Descriptive Studies, KAP Studies Analytical Research (Randomized Control Trials or Non-Randomized Controlled Trials), short communication], review article, special reports and Letter to editors. Ensure that you have read and understood the details noted in JRCRS’s editorial policies and must read & follow the instruction of authors. Failure to comply the Policies can lead to delays in processing of the manuscript, or even rejection.

 Aims of JRCRS

  1. To promote the latest evidence-based practice in Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation.
  2. To improve the Quality based research methodology, publication ethics towards the junior Research in the field of Rehabilitation.
  3. To aware the General community as well as the specific field community towards physical therapy and Rehabilitation.


Publisher of Journal Riphah college of Rehabilitation (JRCRS) is “Faculty of Rehabilitation & Allied health sciences, Riphah International University”. 

Most respected Research scientists and clinicians have joined the Board of trustees of JRCRS. We have undertaken to the Board of trustees that we will continue a policy of unconditional open access for research articles and that any new owner/editor/managing editor of JRCRS would have to also guarantee to continue these policies. The Board of trustees have the right to enforce these undertakings.

  • Hassan Muhammad Khan, Chancellor, Riphah International University, Pakistan
  • Dr. Anis Ahmad, Vice Chancellor, Riphah International University, Pakistan
  • Dr. Asghar Khan, Dean, Faculty of Rehabilitation & Allied Health Sciences
    Riphah International University, Pakistan.

Journal Metric:


2 issues per year

  • 1 issue (Jan – June) this issue publishes in month of June.
  • 2nd issue (July -Dec) this issue publishes in month of Dec.

Speed and Usage:

Speed and usage are updated early in the calendar year and reflect the previous calendar year. 

Speed of Article Processing: Mean average number of days

  • Days to first decision from submission: Document analysis & acknowledgement.
    • 7 Days
  • Days to Acknowledgement to Editorial board internal review: Internal Review and Plagiarism check
    • 15 Days
  • Days for External review:
    • 160 days
  • Days for Submission to Acceptance:
    • 210 days
  • Days for Acceptance to Publication:
    • 30 days


  • Total Abstract and File views/downloads: 20900 Downloads
    • (Data retrieve from OJS counter Nov 2020- Nov 2021)