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Original Article: JRCRS. 2020; 8(2): 56-60.

2- Frequency of Upper Back Pain and its causes among Female Beauticians in Islamabad Pakistan.

Khadija Masooma1, Jawad Naweed2, Maria Razzaq3, Noureen Latif4, Sonia Wali5

 1Student, Islamabad federal college

2,3,5Lecturer, Abasyn University Islamabad Campus

4Lecturer, Islamabad federal college

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Background: Upper back pain is a major complaint of female beauticians and only poor posture is considered as a serious cause of upper back pain.

Objectives: To find out the frequency of upper back pain and its causes in female beauticians.

Methodology: Descriptive cross-sectional study was done on 200 female beauticians through convenient sampling technique data was collected through a semi-structured questionnaire including closed ended questions regarding pain and its causes by using VAS (Visual Analogue Scale), SPADI (Shoulder pain and disability Index), NDI (Neck Disability Index) as a tool ethical approval was taken from ethical review committee of Islamabad federal college. Written informed consent from the participants was taken before filling up each questionnaire. The analysis was done by using SPSS 21.

Results: Out of 200 female beauticians with age of mean + SD 29.06 + 5.62, total body mass index were observed as 79 (39.5%) had normal BMI, 67(33.5%) had overweight, working hours had 94 (47%) worked for 7-9 hours, 84 (42%) worked for 10-13 hours, worst pain was 37 (18.5%), 61 (30.5%) had severe pain, rounded shoulder and forward head posture was 150 (75%), shoulder Pain and disability was 74 (37%) while neck disability was 69 (34.5%).

Conclusion: It is concluded that the frequency of moderate to severe type of upper back pain and disabilities of neck and shoulder was higher in beauticians. Most obvious causes in beautician were overweight, poor posture and prolong standing as well as duty hours.

Keywords: Disability, Female Beauticians, Thoracic-Cervical Pain, Upper Back Pain